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Classification of living organisms 2

In our Biology class we had to do this activities of classification of living organisms in groups. I was with Jose and Luna. This is the Slide Share Infographic:

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Specialisation of cells

Our Biology teacher Male usked to put a picture, the shape, and how the shape is adapted to its function, of ciliated cells, root hair cells, xylem vessels, palisade mesophyll cells, nerve cells, red blood cells and sperm and egg … Sigue leyendo

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Living Organism: Beetle

Since in biology we have been studying about the living organisms and their characteristics, our teacher Male Ravagnan gave us a task. We had to choose an organism, illustrate it and label it. The last task was that we had … Sigue leyendo

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Homework 1st blog asignment

In this picture we can se the reproduction that the penguins had a baby penguin. and we also see how the oenguin will be when it grows This are the 7 characteristics we studied Movement Excretion Nutrition Respiration Sensitivity   

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