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History presentation: Henri Grégoire

This is the Fakebook I made with Agos for our history class. We made a fake facebook profile of the deceased bishop of France Henri Grégoire

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Para a aula de Português tivemos que procurar um artigo do meio ambiente e preparar uma aprsentação oral. Eu trabalhe com Cata, Catu and Bauti Prezi

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Excretion and Kidneys

This is an activity of the biology book that we had to make for our biology class 1) a) Define the terms excretion and egestion Excretionas removal from organisms of the waste products of metabolism (chemical reactions in cells including … Sigue leyendo

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Nervous system

In our Biology class we read and watched a video of the nervous system. Also, we made some activities that are in Male’s blog. 1a: -The control centre are the receptors, neurones, central nervous system and the nervous system. 1b: Motor Neuron: Carry signals … Sigue leyendo

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Essay «The Yellow Wallpaper»

This is the first essay of the year in literature, I made it with Catu Grosso about the story, “The Yellow Wallpaper” that we have been analyzing  in our literature class.   Essay The “Yellow WallPaper” is a gothic story written … Sigue leyendo

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