In Biology we’ve been learning about cellular respiration. Here’s an activity i did with Rochi and Delfi


1 – State the uses of energy in our body.

– Contracting muscles, so that we can move parts of the body

– Making protein molecules by linking together amino acids into long chains

– Cell division, so that we can repair damaged tissues and can grow

– Active transport, so that we can move substances across cell membranes up their concentration gradient

– Transmiting nerve impulses, so that we can transfer information quickly from one part of the body to another

– Producing heat inside the body, to keep the body temperature constant even if the environment is cold

2 – Construct a mind map about respiration. You may do it on a sheet of paper or use any of the tools available such as

You should include:

a- Definitions

b- Types: Aerobic and anaerobic (in muscles and yeast)

c- Equation in words

d- Amount of energy released

Mind map

3 – Explain the meaning of “oxygen debt”

Anaerobic respiration produces an oxygen debt. This is the amount of oxygen needed to oxidise lactic acid to carbon dioxide and water. The existence of an oxygen debt explains why we continue to breathe deeply and quickly for a while after exercise.

 4- Search in the internet a short video, which explains why the breathing rate does not return to normal immediately after vigorous exercise stops.


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