Online test: The Gothic novel

This is an online test we had to do for our language class

  1. Theoretical background: Create an infographic including the main characteristics of the Gothic Novel as a genre. Name at least two relevant pieces of work and their writers.

  2. Writing task: Imagine you had to interview one of the  authors of these stories: The Cask of Amontillado, The Monkey’s Paw and The Yellow Wall Paper. Choose one. Find out about him/her and write the interview. What would you ask them? What would they answer? 

Me: When and where were you born?

Edgar Allan Poe: I was born the 19th of January 1809 in Boston.

Me: Which is your favorite genre?

Edgar Allan Poe: Definitely, gothic, I wrote a lot of gothic novels and I also wrote satires, humor tales and hoaxes.

Me: Why did you enlist the army?

Edgar Allan Poe: I enlisted the army because I didn’t have enough money to support myself, I served at Fort Independence in Boston.

Me: Why did your name change from Edgar Poe to Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe: Because when I was born I was named Edgar Poe and then my father abandoned my family and 1 year later my mom died so I was adopted by the Allan family and they changed my name to Edgar Allan Poe.

Me: Who where you married with?

Edgar Allan Poe: I was married with my cousin.

Me: When did you get married?

Edgar Allan Poe: When I was 26 I got married with my cousin who was 13. 11 years later, she died at the age of 24.

Me: Why did you become a well-known writer?

Edgar Allan Poe: Because I became one of the first American authors of the 19th century to become more popular in Europe than in the United States.

Me: When did you publish your first detective story?

Edgar Allan Poe: I published it around the year 1841, when I was working with George Graham.

Me: Which work that you wrote would you say it is the best?

Edgar Allan Poe: I would say “polititian” because it is my only play and I really enjoyed writing it.

Me: You once worked at a newspaper right?

Edgar Allan Poe: Yes, I worked at “The Broadway Journal” from the year 1845 to the year 1846 when the journal ran out of money.


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