Berlin Blockade

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Questions and answers:

  1. What was life like in Berlin in the post-war era?

It was hard, because the population had little supplies and they faced a very bad winter because they had little gas supplie.

  1. How did Soviet policy towards Berlin differ from that of the West?
  2. Why was reform of the German currency a key issue for both sides?

Because the allies introduced a new currency in Bizonia and because of that, the next day the USSR stopped the roads and railways

  1. Why was the airlift such a major feat?
  2. In what respect can the USSR and US be responsible for further increasing tensions during the airlift?

Because both hated each other and they were the more powerful counties and they had very different ideas on what to do with Germany, USA wanted to help Germany to recover and USSR wanted to destroy Germany so it can’t recover never again

  1. Why did Stalin eventually agree to talks over the airlift?

Because it was clear for him that the Blockade did nothing and the allies could transport materials, even more than before

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