Enzymes and temperature

In our biology class, we went to the lab to investigate how does the catalase work. we put water with different temperatures and we add potatos with 1cm to it. we measure the job of the catalysts by the height of foam produced. temperature affects the catalase. I worked with Catu Grosso

AIM: how to affects the activity of catalase.

THIS is a slideshare that explains what we have done and the conclusion of it. Also you will find photos.

the potato was separeted from the vicar because it has to reach the temperature of the water. So both reach the temperature we are looking for.

Oxygen was  release ans produced foam. So more foam more activity. We measure the height of the foam

This is a Doc with all the results of the experiment

This is the graph


The activity of catalase increase at the same time as temperature and at 30* the activity started to dicrease and  at 100* there is no activity.

At a  high temperature the enzym loose his shape, is denatured, so the substrate cant fit so there is no catalase

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  1. Magdalena Ravagnan dijo:

    The graph is individual.
    Check Cata Grosso´s corrections

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