We had to answer some questions about the short story we are reading in our literature class

Worksheet #1

  1. The woman didn’t want to make patterns in the sand because she thought that if she left patterns, she would be in that place for ever and she didn’t want that.
  2. She didn’t want to change the nature of the place.
  3. This woman was in the middle of 2 cultures and she wants to fit in her husband culture but she does not want to lose her culture.
  4. The sea is similar to the woman because the sea is always changing like her.
  5. We can understand that the woman wanted to keep her culture in this different place but no one helped her.

Worksheet #2

  1. She feels that she does not belong to that place because she does not speak the language, she does not know the place and she can’t do the things she used to do when she lived in Britain.
  2. She can only communicate with her husband in that place
  3. In Britain, she used to work and in Egypt, she doesn’t work and if she, at least want to clean the house the maid didn’t let her.

Worksheet #3

  1. She explains that compared to Britain, Egypt was a very poor country and she was on the edge because if you go north from Egypt, you reach Europe.
  2. She was really happy for her coming baby she loves her so much that she is living in Africa because she loves her and she doesn’t want to lose her.
  3. The effect is that it makes us realize that she doesn’t want to be there, she wants to be in Britain.
  4. She can’t clean her own house. She was told to have fun but she didn’t get out of the house because she was lost in Egypt, she didn’t know anything.
  5. If the woman left Egypt, the daughter would stay there and she didn’t want that.

Worksheet #4

  1. A Woman would feel weak and disappointed because she knows both men and woman should have the same rights
  2. It is a male dominated country, the men have more rights than women and almost all the decisions are taken by men
  3. Her parents love her so much, especially the mother that keeps on living in Egypt when she hates the place.
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