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La forma de la espada

En clase, estuvimos trabajando con el cuento «la forma de la espada» y teniamos que invetar una explicacion de porque tenia una cicatriz Yo antes de llegar aquí, viví en Francia toda mi vida. Mi trabajo era matar personas especialmente … Sigue leyendo

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Literary Devices and Techniques

This is a list of the 25 most important literary devices that we wiil be working on this year. Literary Devices

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Classification of living organisms 2

In our Biology class we had to do this activities of classification of living organisms in groups. I was with Jose and Luna. This is the Slide Share Infographic:

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Specialisation of cells

Our Biology teacher Male usked to put a picture, the shape, and how the shape is adapted to its function, of ciliated cells, root hair cells, xylem vessels, palisade mesophyll cells, nerve cells, red blood cells and sperm and egg … Sigue leyendo

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Comparison «a birthday» and «the woodspurge»

We analysse the poem “The Woodspurge” in class and compare to “A Birthday”, we compare the tone, theme and atmosphere. I worked with Bautista Olaizola The tone in “A Birthday” is very happy and in loved but in “The Woodspurge”, the … Sigue leyendo

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