The Manchuria Crisis

We have started working on our new topic for this year in History, The League of Nations in the 1930s.

We saw a video and we had to answer some questions of the Manchuria crisis

1. How does the video open? What might the connection between the League and the opening scenes in Poland be?

The video opens at poland. The connection is that because the league failed, the 2º world war started at Poland.

2. What problems did Japan face? (Mention ALL of them)

They didn’t have the necessary materials to survive and because they are an isolated island, they has to start overseas trade. There was unemployment because of the wall street crash.

3. What was the role of the army in Japan?

The main role of the army was controlling education.

4. What did army leaders believe Japan needed?

The army leaders think they needed to control more land.

5. What was the value of Manchuria?

Manchuria was exactly what Japan needed because it was a part of China that specially had the resources that Japan wanted

6. What happened at Mudken?

It was an explosion created by the japanese to destroy their railway so they could have an excuse to invade

7. What did the League do about it?

The league sent few soldiers that didn’t do something useful

8. What was Japan’s reaction to the decision of the League?

They found it impossible to accept what the league said so they left the league




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