A Birthday

In class we had been working on a poem called «A birthday» by Christina Rossetti and we saw a video and we had to answer the following questions. I worked with Bauti Olaizola

A. What is the theme?

Love, celebration, reborn.

B. What is the tone?

Happy, in love.

C. What is the main difference between the two stanzas?

1° Stanza is about nature » a singing bird» «an apple-tree»

2° Stanza is materialistic «dais of silk»

D. How are the similes in the poem appropriate for the romantic longings the speaker feels?

All the similies represent the happiness of the writer «My heart is like a rainbow shell» the rainbow in her heart represents that she is happy.

E. How is the metaphor of the birthday appropriate?

Yes, it’s appropiate because she is reborn in love.

F. Make a list of religious symbols. What do they mean in the poem?

«Peacocks with a hundred eyes” God is represented in this metaphor because god is in nature and he sees through it.

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