Essay a horse and two goats

The most important theme in “A Horse and two Goats”, and in fact the central theme of Narayan´s work, is the clash of cultures. Do you agree?

In this essay, I’m going to analyze if clash of cultures is the central theme.

Firstly, clash of cultures is an important theme because Indian and American culture are very different. The American man is a rich man that wants souvenirs to put in his house and to show them to his guests while the Indians culture is to appreciate old things in this case, in this story the sculpture of the horse is something very important especially for Muni.

Secondly, language is a very important theme in the story because the main problem is that the American man wants the sculpture “Tell me, will you accept a hundred rupees or not for the horse?” the problem with Muni and the American man talking is that they speak different languages. “I have sold our goats…” Muni is convinced that the American man bought the goats. But no, the American bought the Horse.

Thirdly, money is a very important theme in this story because Muni has to get some money because he is poor and has nothing to eat. So he is waiting for someone who wants to buy his goats and suddenly he thinks he sold them. And the goats appear “She opened the door and saw the two goats at her door” so the wife thinks Muni roved the money and leaves him.

In conclusion there is no central theme there are three themes that are very important in this story.

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