Hercules and the golden apples

In our Writing & Oral class we worked with legends. I worked with Tomas Borda.

The name of the legend we chose is «Hercules and the golden apples»

This is our prezi

This is our comic

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7 respuestas a Hercules and the golden apples

  1. Luz+GF dijo:

    I found your presentation very interesting and hooking, you did read from the board but it was still a good presentation.

  2. Daniela Barra dijo:

    Your response to the legend shows a genuine understanding of it. Plus, it was creative and fun. Your presentation shows a lot of effort and hard work. Next time, make sure you don’t use visuals to display your complete presentation as it is distracting both to you and your peers.

  3. Lucila Giambruni dijo:

    I liked the story very much. however there are some grammar problems and it wasn´t very clear. But I loved the comic and the image as response too!

  4. Luna dijo:

    The comic was very creative.
    I think they read a little too much from the presentation.
    It was an interesting topic.

  5. rociohartmann dijo:

    I liked the legend and the comic very much. In the presentation you should have read less and spoken a bit more! Congrats 🙂

  6. joaquinveniniz dijo:

    Good work! your prezi was very complete!

  7. delfinamiyuranga dijo:

    I think that the topic was interesting, but there was that much text that you read too much and that made that the presentation wasn’t dinamic. Also, i found very interesting the response you found and the one you created

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