An Astrologer’s day – Reading guide

The characters are:

  • The Astrologer that says whatever he wants to the people to get some easy money. He founds a man that he tried to kill.
  • The Guru Nayak is a man that is looking for another man that tried to kill him. He wanted revenge.
  • The Astrologer’s wife is a woman that is very shocked because her husband almost killed a man.

The story begins with an astrologer leaving from his job when a man arrives and offers a lot of Money to advice him. The astrologer tells him that a long time ago, a man stabbed him and left him there to die. One man passed and rescues him. This man was amazed and asked him to tell him more. The astrologer told him that this man died and he has to go to the desert because if not he will die.

When the astrologer arrives home and he told his wife that he had seen a man that he thought that had died. The wife was shocked because his husband had tried to kill someone.

The ironic thing of the story is that a man that wants to take revenge of a man that tried to kill him and that man is sitting in front of him.

It’s set in India. We can deduce it because of the money they use in the story “Rupee” and because of the author that is Indian himself.

The main theme is faith because the Guru Nayak is faithful of what the astrologer sais so he is so amazed that he makes what the Astrologer recommends

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