Test: Passive Voice


The 3 of December a man knocked on a door of a house of the street 15 and when a girl opened, this man stabbed her under the arm and entered the house. He robbed all the things, he put those things on a car and he left.

A neighbor that had seen this crime, called the police. When the police arrived to the place, they said that the thief first stole 2 million dollars and then he arsoned the house to burn the clues to find who made that.

On the next day while a police officer was walking on the street and he saw a man that was carring money from a car that matched with the description that the witness made. This officer handcuffed the man and return the money to the woman that was stabbed but survived.

This man that had robbed the house went to court and he was sentence to death penalty.sisisoso

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