Nazi-Soviet Pact

This explains the Nazi-Soviet pact, we made it because we are making a History project with senior 3 from Las Cumbres and senior 4 and 5 from Newlands school.

In 1939 Hitler and Stalin signed a pact which said that they won’t attack each other and to divide Poland between them in a secret protocol. Hitler said that they would have mutual protection.

France and Britain told Poland that they would defend her if Russia or Germany attacked them. Finnaly when Germany attacked Poland, France and Britain declared war.

This are some sources from the diigo group we have.

This source represents the moment after signing the pact. Hitler and Stalin are walking together as friends but they don’t trust each other.

Hitler and Stalin are shaking hands at the moment they signed the pact. This represent that they agreed in the terms of th treaty


This is a map that shows how germany and Russia invaded Poland. After that the allies declared war to Russia and Germany and then the second world war started.

This is a video of the nazi-soviet pact. It is a cartoon video about what happened in the nazi-soviet pact in 1939.

This is a video that analizes the famouse cartoon called the «reverendous» it explains the picture and the treaty itself.

This source is a page that describes the nazi-soviet pact very detailed and it shows a lot of sources that represents how was the pact.

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