Literarure Essay

This is a literature essay I made about the amazement in the poem «Composed Upon Westminster Bridge»

In this essay I’m going to talk about the amazement of the voice about the streets, the buildings and the bridge of London in the poem “Composed upon Westminster Bridge”

Firstly the voice admires the entire atmosphere in general like the city itself. It’s the first time he goes there, it’s early in the morning and no one is in the street, they are all sleeping.

Secondly the voice describes every detail “The beauty of the morning: silent, bare, ships, towers, domes, theaters, and temples…” I think that he exaggerates a bit in the poem, he makes all the things he looks like unique, that they are the best of all, that nothing can replace them.

Thirdly he describes London with a good weather on a sunny day, thing that is rare in London because it always has bad weather, he describes that place as perfect without mentioning it

In conclusion the voice might exaggerate a little but in my opinion he is right there is no better place that London as he describes it.


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  1. pchujman dijo:

    Nico, good ideas but too short and very few quotations!!

    Try harder!

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