Letter – The Escape

This is a letter i made from patsy to her sick mother that is in Jamaica.

Hi mom,

How are you? I am saving money because I started working in a factory and I win 12 dollars a week but I tell my husband that I won 8 so I save 4 dollars. That 4 dollars I win I will save them to buy an airplane ticket to go to visit you. I started saving two months ago so I’ve already have 32 dollars, the only problem is that I have to save 118 more dollars so I have to keep on working.

Since I started working I realized that I can make more money for the family and it’s not so much work so when I get back from Jamaica I will still work.

The only thing that worries me is how I will escape from home because my husband doesn’t let me go. But my plan is to make the clock alarm sound one hour later so I get up earlier and I escape.

I hope you are good and that you recover soon



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