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Task 1

His name is eldrick tont Woods but his known as tiger Woods. He was born the 30 of December of the 1975 in the USA, he is actually the best golfer of the world and he won the prize of the best golfer of the world in the years 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2013 (11 times) He won 106 titles since the 1996 (14 majors that are the most important golf tournaments), the year when he turned professional.

He has been named «Athlete of the Decade» by the Associated Press in December 2009. He is in the golf wall of fame because he is the best golfer of all the times. He divorced on 2010 because he was dating other women while he was married.

I chose these celebrity because golf is my favorite sport and he is the best golfer of all the times, I like how he plays and he is a very good person, he won in his career more than 250 million dollar because of the sponsors and what he won in prizes and he had donated more than 30 million.

Task 2

-Hi tiger, can I make you an interview?

-Of course you can, let start.

-How old are you?

-I’m 35 years old.

-Why did you start playing golf?

-Because since I was a kid I was a prodigy and I also love this sport.

-At what age could you defeat your father for the first time?

-When I was eleven I won to my father and since then I had never lost.

-Why did you choose to be a professional golf player when were studying at Stanford?

-Because one night I had to decide what was the best for me, to be a normal guy with a normal job or a golf player that is something I liked to be since I remember.

-How many championships have you won?

-I won 106 including 14 majors.

-Until when will you play golf professionally?

-Until I can I will play, it doesn’t matter if I’m the worst or the best, I will play all I can.

-How did you feel when you won your first major?

-I was very excited because it was the father’s day so I also dedicated it to my father.

-What did toy feel when tou divorced?

-I was devastated I couldn’t play golf very well and from being the best I went to number 128 and now I returned to be the first.

-How many kids do you have?

-I have two, Sam and Charlie.

-How old are they?

-Sam seven and Charlie five.

-Do you see them often?

-Yes they are half a week with their mom and half a week with me we make Christmas one year with me and the other with their mom.

-Do you think they will be professional golf players when they grow up?

-Of course Sam is playing very good and Charlie is starting.

– Which the best time you won?

-It was when I won a major, then my wife came to hug me and I proposed her to marry me.

-Wow that’s of course a good wining, you won a major and a wife!!!

-Yes absolutely I can’t say that there ever was a best day in my life than that.

-Well, thank you for this interview.

-No, thanks to you.

Task 3

Questionnaire of tiger woods (you must be signed in a Las Cumbres mail account to see it)

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