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How far were the 1920’s a won decade?

In this essay I’m going to analyze if the 1920’s was a won decade.

On one hand the 1920’s had some good things, like the assembly line that made factories and industries produce more products in less time because the workers only had to assembly one piece of the product, that’s why they made them faster. The USA made fertilizers to make more and better food. The cheap price of the cars made possible that people lived in the suburbs and for me the best thing that happened in the 1920’s was that the women started having rights, they could vote, they could go out alone without their father or husband so they” started being free” because they depend on herself and no one others.

On the other hand because of the First World War USA farmers couldn’t sell their products to Europe so there was over production and they lost a lot of money so they had to move to the city. The prohibition made the gangsters richer so they could bribe them, that’s why the gangsters “controlled” the city. The most important gangster Al Capone could also brie the government so they couldn’t go to jail.

So in conclusion the 1920’s had both good and bad things but for me the 1920’s was a won decade.

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  1. Lenny dijo:


    Your essay provides a very general analysis of the positive and the negative of USA in the 1920s. In both aspects there is missing information.

    Added to this, you failed to analyse the work of the League.

    4 (Four)

    I know you can do better.


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