Writing – Natural Catastrophe

This is a writing we made about a natural catastrophe.


Hi, we are at Buenos Aires with the meteorologist Adam Carter who told the government that a hurricane will arrive at Buenos Aires around 3p.m. He discovered it while he was at his laboratory studying the Pacific Ocean when he looked at a strange and huge storm.

“Stay at home, do not move from your houses, electricity and phone will be cut” said the government.

At the other day…

Hi we at are the same place we were yesterday but now the hurricane had passed. It was a tragic catastrophe, 138 people injured, 237 dead people and 849 missing people. A lot of places remain in ruins, some of them are very important to the city like the old library and the museum.

All the people who want to help there are some people offering assistance. They gave us their phone number for all the people who want to help (3271-3233)

The government said “Check if there are gas leaks and please turn off the gas key. Its for your safety”

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