Writing – Activity 3 they gave her a rise

This is a writing I made on the activity 3 they gave her a rise


Activity 3

Hi Mary,

              How are you? i hope you’re well. I’ve got something really interesting that happened to me this week, I don’t know how to tell you how happy I am, when I arrived the dentist my secret boyfriend Mr. Bixby gaved me a mink coat, you haven’t seen it but,  it is beautiful and very but very expensive, its soft, long, brown and warm.

The most wonderful thing is the way that he gave it to me. We were having dinner in T.G.I. fridays and suddenly he dropped a paper in the floor. When he grabbed it assuming that he had found it in the floor and he told me that it was a paper of the pawn shop.

When we finished having dinner we went to the pawn shop and I closed my eyes

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