This are some questions we made in class when our teacher Lenny was in London

  1. The aims were to discourage aggression from any nation to encourage countries to cooperate, especially in business and trade, to encourage nations to disarm, to improve the living and working conditions of people in all parts of the world.
  2. There were elections in the USA and Wilson lost.
  3. Because they didn’t want to prop up. The league as it squeezed reparation payments out of Germany.
  4. Because of the economic cost of joining the league. They thought that it would be as if the USA were signing a blank cheque they thought that if the USA should continue to mind its own business.
  5. They opposed the whole idea of colonies and empires so they didn’t want to take care of British and French colonies.
  6. Because its population was largely polish. The league didn’t at because the French weren’t prepared to attack Poland because they saw it as a possibly ally against Germany. Britain wasn’t prepared to send troops to the other side of Europe.
  7. They wanted control of it because of its rich iron and steel industry.
  8. The league of nations did nothing and the poles kept Vilna
  9. The league decided that the islands should go to Finland and Sweden accepted the league’s ruling and war was avoided
  10. Because they blamed the Greek government for the murder of tellini and his team and demanded compensation to Italy and to execute the murderers. Greece did nothing. Then Mussolini invaded Corfu.
  11. Because the league was treating better the most important and powerful countries like itally.
  12. Because England thought that they could use the protocol against them.
  13. Because on the border between Bulgaria and Greece there was an incident and some Greek soldiers were killed.
  14. Because in the 1920’s Greece had two conflicts and both were with powerful and important empires and in both the league favored the other countries they weren’t fair.
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