Friendship Narnia

Wrapping up the topic of Friendship, we will watch a segment of the movie Narnia. This bit of the movie shows us how to people from different worlds get to know each other and start building a friendship. It is a dialogue between Mr. Tunmus and Lucy.

There are differences between what it is said and what it was written on the book; we have to spot the differences and in our blog write the differences.


Book: Mr. Tumnus: But you are – forgive me – you are in fact what they call a human?

Video: What about you? You must be a kind of wolf!

Book: My name is  Lucy

Video: I’m not a wolf! I’m a girl

Book: I am very pleased to meet you, mr. Tumnus. My name is Lucy.

Video: Pleased to meet you , Mr. tumnus, I´m Miss Pebensie.

Book: No, I´m sure you wouldn´t do anything of the sort.

Video: Mr. Tumnus, you wouldn´t. I had thought you were my friend.

Book: Pleased to meet you Mr. Tumnus!

Movie:  I am very pleased to meet you, Mr. Tummnus.

Book: Can you forgive me for what I meant to?

Movie: I´m sorry, I´m so sorry. No matter what happens. I´m glad that I had met you. Now go.


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