Vocabulary- Boy

Our teacher Laura told us to post 15 words of this wordle and explain them with our words.

A: You considerate that Juan is selfish?

B: Yes, he’s selfish and self-conciderate because he never share and doesn’t think in the others.

A: yes, for me is brave beacuse he nevers get scared with horror movies.

B: Yes, but he is also moody, he never answer in a good way.

A: I don’t think like you, sometimes he answer in a good way.

B: For me he is very smart and hard-working, he always efforts, get good marks at school.

A: That’s right! When I go with people that he doesn’t know he fells very shy because he never talks.

B:  Well but he is easy-going and friendly when he is with people he knows.

A: He is disgusting because he eats with his hands and he gets diry.

B: Yes that´s right.

A: He is also pro-active because he’s doing something all the time.

B: Yes and he’s also overemotional because he’s always changing his mood.

A: Had you realised that his dad is a pioneer because he was the first man who discovered the cure of Dengue.

B: He’s very lazy because he never does sports.

A: That’s right he only does sports on the school.

B: He’s coward because he never accepts what he had done


Nicolas Monguzzi and Bautista Olaizola


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