A person i`ll never forget- negative version

Our teacher Pilar asked us to make an opposite version of a classmate writing of A person i`ll never forget. I made the opposite version of the writing of Tomas Anania

I have known Adrian for five years. I only see him on the football lessons were I met him for the first time. He told me that he had lived in Argentina all his life. I first met him on a football class.
He`s tall. He is 14 years old. He has blue eyes, thick lips and a little nose. He also has blond curly hair. He prefers wearing formal clothes.
Adrian is a serious person, he never tells jokes, when he`s on a good mood he can help you. But that doesn`t happens very often. For example when he helps other people he tells them that they don’t have to feel bad and then he leaves from that place. That`s something that doesn’t help you very much when you are feeling bad.
All in all, Adrian is the kind of boy that you would talk about football, which is the only sport that he likes. He doesn’t like being with people that aren’t from his family, except from his school partners. I`m only with him when I go to football lessons. I don`t like him, that`s why we aren’t friends.

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