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Animals are living creatures that we see in our everyday life yet we dont seem to give them importance. Very few people give them the respect they deserve.In the following essay i´m going to prove that there is power and violence in animals and humanity.

First animals have a survival instinct they kill to survive and to eat “suddenly there were two finally one”the writer want to say that the fish killed each other to eat and to survive. “pike three inches long, perfect” the voice descrive us the perfection of the pike. “killers from the egg; the malevolent aged grin” the author wants to show that they had always killed and that they are bad. “a hundred feet long in they world” They show respect, power and that they are big .

On the other hand human beings are bad “three we kept behind the glass” human beings take animals from their natural habitat we shouldnt do that

In conclusion we should respect animals because they are living creatures and they deserve it.

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  1. pchujman dijo:

    Nico, how about balancing your paragraphs? One is too short. Work harer on that one.
    Check language and hand in on Friday.

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