The poem is about a fish called Pike. It it´s perfect. It sais that it is greenish and a bit of gold it´s describing the colour of the pike. It sais that they kill before they´re born. It can be found under lily pads waiting to kill a fish. They can eat all kind´s of fish including It´s own species. Darwin sais that ‘the survival is the strongest’ as in the Pike. then it sais that the pike is in a fishbowl because human beings took it from his natural habitat.Now the voice is describing the pond where the writer (Ted hughes) fished when he was a little kid. He was scared of the pike. When he finally caught one Pike it sais it discovered the bad things that human beings do because it took it away it´s natural habitat (the pond)

The writer uses an animal to describe the bad things of a human being

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